Once in awhile, your company needs a computer system overhaul. When this happens, it becomes necessary to do a computer resale to dispose all those machines you will no longer use at the office.

The money you get in this resale can be ploughed back into your business or even used to buy software for your new computer network. You will also need to calculate computer resale value as part of the process of preparing your company computers for resale. To make sure you get your money’s worth there are several steps you have to take to get the computers ready for resale.

Run scans on all the computers

Running scans on the computers you want to resell is important in making sure the computers you are reselling do not have viruses, malware, worms and spyware that could be security threats to those who buy them.


computer resale


Viruses also often slow computers down and make using them an unpleasant experience. If a potential buyer realizes your machines are slow, they will either refuse to buy them or lower their bid price. You want the best possible value for your machines. You also don’t want to transfer malware and viruses to your new computer system.

Move your company data to your new computers

The company data you stored in the computers that you intend to resell must be moved to the new computers you will be using at the office. Take your time and transfer your programs, files, passwords and other things you feel you will need to create a smooth working environment for your business.

There are many tools you can use to do a computer-to-computer data transfer. If you use online services to backup your data, you will only need to connect the new machines and sync your data. Data syncing is most important for company files that you cannot get anywhere else. You can always reinstall computer programs, but you can’t do that with your business documents.

Wipe all the drives clean

Before your planned computer resale, all efforts must be made to clean your drives in a way that ensures your company secrets and other sensitive information remains irretrievable. The last thing you want is your employees’ personal information to get into the wrong hands.

Deleting this information is not enough. Every file you delete from your office computers lingers on and can be recovered quite easily with readily available recovery tools. Therefore, to keep your company information safe, you should make sure that any data that could be recovered from your drive would be unreadable.

Acquire a drive-erasing application and use it to wipe the drives clean. Remember to reinstall operating systems into the computers; most people prefer to buy a functional computer.

Calculate the value of the computers

To determine the computer resale value, you can use I.V.A.N Value Analysis Tracker from TraceTM. Another method is subtracting 1/5th of the price you bought it for (assuming the computers were new when you bought them) and multiplying the answer by the number of years the computers have been in use.