“Pillows serve multiple purposes,” says Breus. Sometimes we need it to rest our back on if our back is paining. We need it at the end of each day to rest our head on. Here are a few things that you should seek when buying comfortable wholesale pillow inserts.

Foam is a good option for pillow inserts. It is dense. There are less chances of hollowing out unless used too roughly. It gives good support without being too soft. Memory foam is another option for pillow inserts. They bring down the pressure points as they adapt to the shape of sleeper’s body as he moves in his sleep all night. They come in various shapes like S-shape. This is very popular and is used to support the neck.

Latex is the most firm of pillows and is resistant to mold and dust mites. They are recommended for people with back and neck aches.  Wool and cotton pillows can cause allergies and resist mold and dust mites. These are firm pillows and not for ones who likes soggy pillows. Many experts recommend down and feather pillows to be the best pillows for a sound night’s rest. A blend of 50% feather and 50% down is perfect. If a good-quality down pillow is beyond your budget, purchase polyester fibers. These pillows are lasting and their shapes remain intact for long. Always buy your pillow inserts from a well-known manufacturer of wholesale pillow inserts. 


Once in awhile, your company needs a computer system overhaul. When this happens, it becomes necessary to do a computer resale to dispose all those machines you will no longer use at the office.

The money you get in this resale can be ploughed back into your business or even used to buy software for your new computer network. You will also need to calculate computer resale value as part of the process of preparing your company computers for resale. To make sure you get your money’s worth there are several steps you have to take to get the computers ready for resale.

Run scans on all the computers

Running scans on the computers you want to resell is important in making sure the computers you are reselling do not have viruses, malware, worms and spyware that could be security threats to those who buy them.


computer resale


Viruses also often slow computers down and make using them an unpleasant experience. If a potential buyer realizes your machines are slow, they will either refuse to buy them or lower their bid price. You want the best possible value for your machines. You also don’t want to transfer malware and viruses to your new computer system.

Move your company data to your new computers

The company data you stored in the computers that you intend to resell must be moved to the new computers you will be using at the office. Take your time and transfer your programs, files, passwords and other things you feel you will need to create a smooth working environment for your business.

There are many tools you can use to do a computer-to-computer data transfer. If you use online services to backup your data, you will only need to connect the new machines and sync your data. Data syncing is most important for company files that you cannot get anywhere else. You can always reinstall computer programs, but you can’t do that with your business documents.

Wipe all the drives clean

Before your planned computer resale, all efforts must be made to clean your drives in a way that ensures your company secrets and other sensitive information remains irretrievable. The last thing you want is your employees’ personal information to get into the wrong hands.

Deleting this information is not enough. Every file you delete from your office computers lingers on and can be recovered quite easily with readily available recovery tools. Therefore, to keep your company information safe, you should make sure that any data that could be recovered from your drive would be unreadable.

Acquire a drive-erasing application and use it to wipe the drives clean. Remember to reinstall operating systems into the computers; most people prefer to buy a functional computer.

Calculate the value of the computers

To determine the computer resale value, you can use I.V.A.N Value Analysis Tracker from TraceTM. Another method is subtracting 1/5th of the price you bought it for (assuming the computers were new when you bought them) and multiplying the answer by the number of years the computers have been in use.

There are quite a number of benefits to hiring a Managed service providers (MSP). Through they have been in existed for a while now it’s only recently that most businesses and firms have taken advantage of them. And MSP can help you with a single function (out tasking) example data backup or you could hand over all of your IT infrastructure in a full blown outscoring. Whichever the case you will be able to enjoy the immerse benefits.

Managed Service Provider

Primarily all firm and business enterprises want to reduce their overhead costs. And in so doing use divergent cost cutting measures such as hiring a MSP and reducing or doing away with their IT department. Hence reliable managed services in Edmonton help lower the cost of productivity. At times management of your own technologies is cost prohibitive and taking on an MSP is the best option.

Another aspect to the benefits of MSPs is that they provide so much more for less. That the can approach the task provided by business and accomplish them with less time, resources and with less technologies.

Hiring a MSP for the full time monitoring and maintenance of your system is very wise. Since problems are identified early and fixed before they implode and affect productivity.Also the aspect of data safety has a lot of companies and enterprises worried. Through MSPs you can backup necessary and sensitive information and data. Also they provide you with disaster recovery solutions that help you when an incident corrupts or erases pertinent data in your system.

Shockingly, almost 70% of businesses that suffer huge data loss and disaster go belly up and MSP help mitigate this.Keeping your system properly checked and monitored provides another aspect of data security. That an MSP will provide you company with up to data security from malware attack, and hacking.

Through a 24/7 vigilant security and random vulnerability scanning MSP can help you stay in control. In an attempt to minimise cost and stay ahead in the IT game most companies trust there MSPs to provide better service integration and management (SIAM). That through its ICT capabilities and functionality are simplified and delivery is increased and rapidly enhanced. Adaptability also helps utilise resources and delivery models better while ensuring your operative costs are minimal.

They assist business and organisations to also transit and transform there ICT technology to meet current standards. Through proper measures and they successfully connect the client to the right tools to helps improve on the efficiency and production capabilities.

Through a good and proficient MSP one can radically expect the following outcomes;
Minimal disruption of business despite the changing face of ICT in the business environment. Maintain a highly sensitive and in depth approach to overseeing and managing your entire ICT infrastructure.They can proactively help manage all aspect of your IT department with a reduction in both operative cost and human resource.They can also help you better interactions with your vendors and customers. Through better discussions and interactions business can improve massively.

Challenges to of adapting to technology causes business to be rather inflexible and unsure of its end goal. But if you hire manage service provider to maintain and enhance existing enterprise application you will indeed reap the rewards.

This dynamic world of technology has given rise to the concept of IT Service Management and Cloud Computing. The two concepts play a vital role in IT industry to an extent that almost all IT companies have embraced them.

IT Service Management

Best managed services Edmonton involves planning IT services that will excellently meet the needs of customers. Different clients have varying needs. IT companies should plan services that are relevant to clients so that they can achieve their business objectives. Proper planning requires the efforts of IT managers, specialists and other stakeholders. They need to collaborate so that they can come up with the best plans that will not only satisfy customers but also enable them attract and retain clients.

Cloud Computing

IT Service Management also involves delivering IT service to customers. These include storage of data, installation of network, data backup, fixing troubleshooting problems, maintaining servers and more. These services are very critical in any organization. IT companies have experts with many years of experience in Information Techology. Their experience and skills enables them to provide high quality service to customers.

In order to ensure that customers continue to enjoy excellent IT service, most IT Service Management Companies have put in place excellent support team. These are individuals with technical skills. They attend to any technical issue raised by customers and advise them accordingly on what to do to solve the problem.

IT Service Management does not stop at that. It also entails controlling of IT services offered to customers. They make sure that all IT systems are running efficiently. They also ensure that IT services are delivered to the right clients in the right way. They have the authority to cut off such services if the client breaches terms of use agreement.

Into the bargain, it features different policies and procedures that that govern all IT services. Such policies are usually formulated by stakeholders.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the practice where the user relies on the use of servers of a remote network that is usually hosted on the internet to carry out different activities which include storage and management of data.

Many people have discovered that personal computers are not reliable when it comes to storage of data. Sometimes the hard disk crushes thus leading to loss of information. With cloud computing service, users can safely store large amount of information which can be accessed anytime they want.

Cloud computing also enables users to process information on the remote server. It is very efficient. You can access its service from any part of the world.

Majority of people are using cloud computing service because it is affordable. Most service providers offer users different licences. This enables them to buy licences that they can afford.

On top of that, cloud computing features 24/7 service. This allows users to store and manage their data any time they want.

Into the bargain, it provides users with large bandwidth. This allows them to store unlimited amount of information.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, IT Management and Cloud Computing are vital concepts which should be embraced by all stakeholders in IT industry.

The Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards are the most esteemed awards in Ghana that recognizes excellent contributions in the field of Information and Communication Technology. It appreciates the work of firms that have excelled in product development, innovation and delivery of services in the ICT industry.

it consulting firms philadelphia

In the upcoming 6th GITTA awards 2016, Edel Technology Consulting has been nominated in the category of the trusted IT consulting firms philadelphia of the year. Recently, Edel Technology Consulting had been awarded as being the top Globally Competitive Startup’s in Ghana put together by Avance Media, in collaboration with The African Network of Entrepreneurs and Joy Business.
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Software as a Service (SaaS) is now evolving as the strategy for overcoming most talked recession. More and more companies are now changing to SaaS marketing based applications from on premise applications and more and more companies are now offering their products/services in SaaS model.


Software as a Service is still in its early days and even now contributing to success of most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Compared to on-premise or traditional business applications and technologies, SaaS holds many advantages; it is cheap, easy to implement, has higher user adoption rates, has web based interface, global accessibility, easy to go wireless, easy to customize, no cost for maintenance, minimum need of technical knowledge, no in-house data warehousing requirements, no need for updates or additional purchases, open-source nature (not for all), per user fee schedule, advanced contact and data sharing tools, easy integration with existing systems, and so on.

For small and medium sized businesses having lesser number of employees (application users), SaaS offer an excellent opportunity; because they get most sophisticated system for lowest costs. As said earlier, SaaS is still in its early days, and now only a few types of SaaS applications are available for commercial purposes. Most promising SaaS marketing applications for SMBs include:

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications – They help you to automate and manage all or most of your business practices including customer service, product sales, after sale service, contact management, account management, event scheduling, analytics, etc. CRM systems are the most popular and widely adopted SaaS applications.

2. Web conferencing applications – SaaS based web conferencing has revolutionized the whole world of web conferencing. Now companies/persons can share and present documents, power-points, graphics, whiteboards without the need of a server, software installation and supporting technical staff. The same can be noted with VoIP and PBX systems.

3. Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems – These are on demand systems for enhancing co-operation between sales peoples by providing them proper communication, analysis, scheduling and data sharing tools. There are independent SFA systems and SFA systems integrated with CRM systems.

4. Contact management (email) applications – These are business applications for storing customer and employee details and communicating with them with the help of an e-mail client, usually MS Outlook. Like SFA systems, contact management applications may either independent or integrated with CRM or SFA systems.

5. Document management and data backup applications – for storing and sharing data related to company, products, customers, etc. in a remote place secured from most data disasters.

All or most of the above applications were once available only to large enterprises because of the cost involved in developing them and implementing them. But now with SaaS applications SMBs can compete with these large enterprises by subscribing to applications which often outperform big business applications. But Software as a Service is not that much a perfect solution. The main concern is data security, as you are sharing your precious business data with a second person over. Many large and medium sized businesses are avoiding SaaS applications because of the above reason but a lot has been done to improve on that.

A group of women from Silicon Valley are setting out to change the trend at tech companies that employ mainly men. According to surveys carried out, most companies in the US tend to hire men and white men at that. This coincides with a recent social experiment that investigated people’s reaction to calgary IT support companies sending women to address their IT problems.


Project Include is made up of Women who have in their individual capacities, dared to challenge the big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Pinterest and Slack among others.

Erica Baker is famed for shaking up Google when she created a spreadsheet to show employees salaries with the intent to show the difference in pay for employees of different genders doing the same job. While Laura Gomez is seeking to create a difference in the hiring process to see to it that there is more diversity.

Like the saying goes, “there is safety in numbers” these ladies are joining hands to change the roles of women in technology. It is certainly no secret that the majority of IT support companies seem to hire men more than women and Project Include will definitely have a hard time trying to turn things around.

It is not that Silicon Valley or other tech companies are opposed to hiring women or people of a certain minority. Like one HR Manger explains, there are not a lot of qualified women to take up the positions available in the tech industry. “I would happily employ a qualified woman but the thing is you don’t see them sending in applications.” Jeremy Black the Hiring Manager at one of the tech companies explains.

Project Include has noted this and is working towards fixing it. The project is looking to create more opportunities for girls in school to take up tech related studies. Kimberly Bryant who works with Girls Code is working with Laura Wideman of Code 2040 are creating the opportunity for young girls to be included in computer science programs in their companies which will drive them to have more interest as well as experience in the tech world.

Another obstacle in the inclusion of women in the tech world is revealed by the social experience carried out with IT tech support companies. Many of the customers had a raised eyebrow or some sign of scepticism when they saw a woman showing up to attend to them. It may take a while to change the general perception that an IT expert needs to be a man or an oriental. This is going to need more women getting involved so that it is common place to have women experts.

Project include is a big step towards changing the perception. The women involved in this project are well known in the tech industry and by joining hands to promote diversity in employment it shouldn’t be long before the results can be seen.

But such initiatives do not go without criticism. There have been complaints that by focusing on particular groups, the project is not being diverse and is instead focusing on affirmative action which is going to be unfair to equally qualified white men who may be turned down by employers because of their gender and skin colour.

All in all, there is no denying that there is a need for fair employment systems at IT support companies and other tech companies regardless of gender, skin colour and ethnicity.

retail security systems

A data breach investigations report was recently presented by Verizon. It was a 60-page document that contained compiled and analyzed 63,000 security breach incidents and 1,300 confirmed data breaches that came from some 50 companies worldwide. This is a summary of the four categories of cyber security issues faced by major businesses, as acknowledged in the report.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Intrusions

Hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers are all big targets of most POS intrusions. With regards to the means of attack, the POS machine should be compromised first, to be able to install some sort of a malware that is designed to collect magnetic strip data from credit cards as they are processed. Retrieval of data comes next to be able to transfer funds or make purchases with the retrieved credit card information.

Almost all POS attacks can be attributed to organized criminal groups operate out of Eastern Europe, according to the report, for monetary gain. Though POS attacks have been dwindling down over the last few years, the report still cautions that the threat is real and still happening and that it is more of a threat that retail security systems should target.

Web App Attacks 

The proverbial punching bag of the Internet, as the report refers to web applications, is the most common type of data breach. The methods being used by those with malevolent intent are weaknesses in the application such as inadequate input validation, which are then exploited by the injection or use of malware, phishing methods and just plain guessing at the user’s private information. Hacked credentials that are also being manipulated have access by simply pretending to be a valid user.

The report also stated that two-factor identification is better than single password-based protection.


The report defines crimeware as any malware incident that did not fit other patterns like espionage or POS attacks. Crimeware covers an expansive range of malware attacks that includes getting an online user’s banking information, mounting DoS attacks, spamming, and other unlawful actions. Web downloads and drive-by infections are reported to be the most common ways of infecting a system.

To combat crimeware, it is suggested that keeping software such as browsers up to date or applying security patches as soon as they are released.


Unauthorized network or system access linked to state-affiliated actors has tripled over the last year per the report. Cyber-espionage is actually gaining a wider variety of “threat-actions” pattern which is a cause a great alarm.

Another disturbing fact that the report cited is, once the foreign intruder or intruders have gained access, they can then participate in all kinds of not-so-good activities such as scanning of networks and transferring of sensitive data. China was once considered the only participant until Eastern Europe joined in and has reportedly instigated 21 percent of the reported attacks.

In this present day, Cybercrime is a big business. IT security pros and their retail security systems are being called upon to be watchful in identifying current and new generation of the threats and to continue to work on new and better ways to keep those threats at bay.

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